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The Wharton  Law Firm

About Our Memphis Attorneys 

Established in 1980, The Wharton Law Firm is a prestigious and dynamic Law Firm, handling a variety of legal disciplines. By working with our talented and experienced team of lawyers, while every case turns on its on facts and law, many of our clients have achieved remarkable results. As one of the oldest black-owned Memphis and Tennessee law firms, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between our clients’ problems and reaching just and secure outcomes. The Wharton Law Firm has always placed a premium on serving our clients with the highest integrity and customer service.


Our story derives from a forty one year family tradition of striving to deliver superior service to our clients and our community. Over these four decades, the Firm has proudly handled numerous cases for individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, businesses and governmental entities.  In these times of uncertainty, while we have continually adapted to meet our clients' needs in a safe and efficient manner, our anchoring principles of service, quality and integrity remain the hallmark of The Wharton Law Firm brand.

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Firm History 

The Wharton  Law Firm

About Our Memphis Attorneys 

Founded by husband and wife, father and mother, A C Wharton, Jr. and Ruby R. Wharton, in 1980, the mission and tradition cultivated from day one were focused on providing quality representation with the utmost integrity. Forty-one years later, these principles remain at forefront of our mission to each and every client we serve.  The Firm has always maintained an emphasis on empowering this community both in the customized representation of its clients and taking on causes of significant public interest in order to create a lasting impact for generations to come.  The small-town values of service and hard work innately ingrained in the fabric of our founders have set the culture for how we serve our clients. Our Firm has been blessed over the years to develop lawyers who have gone on to become judges and entrepreneurs and even founder, A C Wharton, Jr., serving as Mayor of Shelby County and Memphis. After nearly twenty fours in business, the Wharton Law Firm expanded with the Wharton sons joining the law practice and management team beginning in 2004.


Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream

Amos 5:24