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Memphis Juvenile Court Attorneys 

Juvenile Matters

Our children are our future and therefore our most precious assets. Therefore we must do everything we can to provide them with the best opportunities to grow, thrive, and be successful. However, there are times when children find themselves in situations while in school, or facing charges in Juvenile Court. Our Memphis Juvenile Attorneys appear in Shelby County Juvenile Court as well as other courts in West Tennessee representing juveniles in court as well as in administrative proceedings including school disciplinary matters. Juveniles can face serious consequences when charged with delinquency matters meaning it is critical for you to hire an experienced Juvenile Attorney to protect your child.  In some instances, children face felony-level charges sometimes subjecting the child to a "transfer" hearing, meaning that they can face being tried as an adult. We know that this case is a very stressful reality, and accordingly, this requires an all-encompassing collaborative approach with the parents or guardians in working to protect our children. 

Other juvenile matters may involve custody, adoption, dependency, and neglect or support matters, which we have the experience to handle as well. These types of cases often center around fact-specific determinations and a juvenile, circuit, or chancery court determining what is in the "best interest" of the child. Our approach is to provide comprehensive advice to our clients before engaging in custody or related litigation as it is important that our clients fully understand the nature of the process. If you or someone you know requires the services of a Juvenile or Custody Attorney, please contact our office for a consultation. 

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